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Spring 2021 Progress Report for Open Insulin

Introduction It’s been a busy past few months at Open Insulin! We’ve had significant progress on all fronts, especially in moving the engineering of our organisms forward towards the point where production pilots can be started in collaboration with external partners. Details below. Wet Lab Progress Overview Our

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Open Insulin featured on Freethink

The Biohackers Making Insulin 98% CheaperThese biohackers plan to give away their instructions for how to make insulin for free.FreethinkJack Berning [] We're honored to have hosted the team from @freethinkmedia [

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Open Hardware Project: Interview with Vadim Kimlaychuk

Open Insulin is working to make an open source protein purification system (FPLC []), which is a key piece of equipment for manufacturing insulin, and one that is currently very expensive. Avery McLain spoke with Vadim Kimlaychuk, one of the lead engineers

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2021 Internship Program

Apply now to the 2021 Open Insulin Summer Internship for High School and Undergraduate Students! To help grow the project and give opportunities to those interested in learning about our work and volunteering in the future, the team is launching a second summer internship program. The internship will involve all

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Open Insulin at a glance

Greetings! Here is a quick overview of the most common information people tend to look for when first learning about the Open Insulin project. Goals We're making a complete open source system for making insulin at a small scale. This includes organisms to make at least one long acting and

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New Frontiers for the New Year

The time has long been overdue to wish you all well and share the progress we've been making, and the occasion of welcoming the new year is the perfect time to do so. In the past year, our team in the lab, led by Yann, has made tremendous progress, engineering

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