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Please let us know via this survey about your background and interests. We will be in touch as capacity permits about how you can get involved.

Which areas of our work interest you? * You can select multiple options. We listed here the skills that are a high priority for now, but our work is always evolving! Wet lab work: Microbe engineering, protein production and purification, yield optimization, scale-up
Open Hardware: Engineering of open source protein production and purification systems
Production and Distribution: Documentation, quality assurance, good manufacturing practices, establishing franchise / cooperative models for production, legal support
Internal / Organizational: Project management, digital services, grant writing, fundraising
We are looking to expand our network and connect with allies. Elected representatives, non-profits, individuals knowledgeable in FDA and medicine regulations would be especially valuable currently. The wet lab and hardware development teams need a local presence in Oakland, CA or in Baltimore, MD. Otherwise, much of the work for the Open Insulin can be done remotely. A heads-up for wet lab work: most experiments involving microbial cultures require multiple consecutive days of work in the lab for a few hours each day. Protein purification protocols can take all day. If you already have full-time molecular biology/biochemistry lab experience, we estimate that 10-20 hours per month of work in the lab is necessary to move experiments forward. If you do not have much lab experience, we have very limited capacity for training but we can make it work if you are committed to contributing a significant amount of work (~100 hours over the first 3 months). Are you at least 18 years of age and also at least the age of majority (a legal adult) where you live?

Patents, Open Source, and Open Insulin

Three pharmaceutical companies control the patent rights for the majority of insulin products on the market. These companies have over the past decade raised the price of insulin [] egregiously. As a result, many diabetics and their families are struggling to afford this

3 min read

Spring 2021 Progress Report for Open Insulin

Introduction It’s been a busy past few months at Open Insulin! We’ve had significant progress on all fronts, especially in moving the engineering of our organisms forward towards the point where production pilots can be started in collaboration with external partners. Details below. Wet Lab Progress Overview Our

16 min read